IGCSE Options 2018-2020



IGCSE Options 2018-2020

Year 9 (2017-2018)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are now half way through the current academic year and your ward will start IGCSE classes when he/she enters Year 10 in September 2018. In the coming weeks and months we will be talking to all Year 9 students about their options for IGCSE classes.  Each student will be issued with an explanatory booklet which we hope they will share with you.  This booklet outlines the process and gives details of the courses on offer. In organizing the options we have tried to make best use of our resources and provide the widest possible range of courses within those resources.

In order to provide you with additional information about the courses on offer a special Parent Teacher Conference Session for Year 9 students will be held in school on Friday March 9th between 3:00pm and 4:30 pm. This will provide opportunities for parents and guardians to meet with teachers to discuss the options.

We realise that not all parents/guardians will be able to meet with us, particularly the parents/guardians of boarders from beyond the bounds of Mzuzu. Those parents/guardians , as any other parents/guardians , are most welcome to contact us by phone or email to discuss option choices. The Options Booklet mentioned above is also attached to this email.

Unless your ward has already fixed ideas about career options, in our experience something that is likely to change several times before a final decision is made, we would advise you to encourage your ward to keep all options open. This is best done by studying a wide range of subjects. The following excerpt from the options booklet contains sound advice.

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IGCSE Options Booklet.


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