Sunday, April 22, 2018


Pupil Admission Policy

Admissions are strictly monitored in order to maintain the high standard of education required by the Management Team. Potential entrants must not put any excessive strain – physical space and equipment or time – on the existing resource levels.

It is recognized that The Mzuzu International Academy is a small to medium sized school which specializes in quality education following the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examinations. It cannot and does not cater for pupils who may have severe Special Educational Needs requiring small group attention or special facilities, whether they be for physical or educational challenges.


The Headteacher will conduct interviews and assess examination entrance test results. Entrants will be expected to complete a standard entrance test based on NFER Cognitive Ability Test questions in Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. A minimum score of 35 in each test is expected if admission is to be considered.

Once a successful test has been completed the parents will complete an interview with the Headteacher where additional information regarding appropriate courses will be given.

An entrance test is not required if pupils have successfully passed IG Level examinations.

All formal details pertaining to admission will be administered by the School Secretary.


This will begin when the minimum fees have been paid and pupils have the appropriate uniform to wear at school.


Pupils who arrive at school on the first day of term will report to their respective year desks which are manned by the Administration Staff. If a deposit has already been received, a green card is issued which can then be taken to the class teacher for registration.

If no deposit has been received, a red card will be issued which can be taken to the Accountant along with the deposit payment. Once payment has been made The Accountant will exchange the red card for a green card.  

Pupils arriving after the first day of term must report to the Accountant to receive their green card.


Individual subject teachers will be responsible for issuing the subject textbook to pupils in their class. Each book must be stamped with the official school stamp and numbered in the following way;

1 / 2015

number of the book / year purchased.

A record of which pupil is issued with which book must be taken and passed to Administration for recording.

At the end of the academic year the book should be returned. If there is damage to the book such that it cannot be used for a subsequent pupil, the book is not to be accepted and the cost of a replacement will be taken from the Book Deposit.


The School Secretary will monitor the admission process and in consultation with the Headteacher will assign the pupil to a registration class. This class will be the best class for the pupil AND the school. IT WILL NOT BE CHANGED unless exceptional circumstances arise.

On the first day the pupil will report to the Headteacher where a timetable will be issued. Each new pupil will be linked to a ‘buddy’ in the same class and this person will be responsible for the new entrant until the settling in period is over.